Moses Lake,Potholes,Banks Lake Walleye

    We cover a lot of eastern Washington walleye fishing. My home lakes are Moses Lake, Potholes and Banks. But do spend some time guiding walleye on the Columbia River from Mcnary Dam to Wells Dam. Walleye are the best eating fresh water fish. I start walleye fishing right after we finish Goose Season. As soon as the ice is off the lakes its go time. The river can be fished year around. March through June is the time frame to book a trip with Moons Guide Service!
  • Banks Lake     8 fish Limit only 1 over 22"
  • Potholes         8 fish Limit only 1 over 22"
  • Moses Lake    8 fish limit only 1 over 22"
  • Columbia River       NO Limit
Moses Lake Walleye
Moses Lake Walleye
    Moses lake is located in grant county Washington State. It is a very shallow body of water. Moses Lake is a man made lake that was created from the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. Moses Lake is full of warm water fish. We catch Bass,Walleye,Perch,Crappie, on a regular basses. We mostly troll when fishing for Moses Lake walleye. Bottom walkers and a worm harness or slow death hooks. Also troll a lot of planner boards with plugs like a flicker shad. Moses Lake walleye tend to be a better keeper size then other lakes. The prime for Moses Lake walleye is May and June. A normal day walleye fishing you will catch Walleye,Smallmouth and Perch. A lot of our  Hunting and Fishing guest stay at the Best Western Lake Front Hotel in Moses Lake. Let us know and we can even pick you up on the dock.
    Banks Lake is located central Washington. The grant county lake is 27 miles long. Banks lake is also part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. The massive lake has a large abundance of Walleye, Smallmouth Bass,Largemouth Bass,Perch. We even catch some Burbot when fishing deep water for walleye around Steamboat Rock and Barker Flats. This is one of the best walleye lakes in Washington State. We start trips in earl march for walleye. When fishing for walleye in Banks Lake we target these locations. Barker Flats,Punch Bowl,Popular Bay and Million Dollar Mile. Location really depends on the time of year. Banks Lake Walleye is great for the family. The average walleye size in 2017 was 17". Banks lake has great camp grounds. Make sure to book early when staying at Steam Boat State Park. or Sun Banks Resort. You also have hotel options in Electric City or Grand Coulee. Try the Sky Deck Motel or Grand Coulee Center Lodge.  Most Walleye trips on Banks Lake we launch out of the state park day launch. This Launch is the Northrup Launch. After a fun day on Banks Lake we can use the nice cleaning station at the Northrup Launch. Make sure to bring your Discover Pass or pay for a day pass. Make sure you book your next Guided Banks Lake walleye trip with Moons Guide Service!
    Potholes Reservoir is another Lake located in Grant County Washington State. Also man made and part of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project. Potholes is full of Walleye, Largemouth Bass, Smallmouth Bass, Perch,Burbot,Crappie,Blue Gill to list a few. Potholes is no secret when it come to Walleye fishing. It pumps out lots of nice walleye every year. Potholes is another great lake to fill the cooler with nice walleye and perch. On the guided walleye trips on any of these three lakes we will catch bonus fish like bass,perch,crappie,and burbot. As you can see is the picture to the left. The perch have been getting big. We catch them from 10" to 15". When going on a guided walleye trip at Potholes Reservoir. There are a bunch of Places to Stay. Potholes State Park and Mardons to name a few. Potholes Reservoir is a Walleye fisherman's dream. You can target a lot of different structure and depth of water. From goose Island to Lind Coulee. All the way back in the Sand Dunes and Crab creek. Make Sure to book your next Potholes Reservoir Guided Walleye Trip with Moons Guide Service!
Columbia River Walleye
Great Day with Moses Lake Walleye Limits
Good Day on Moses Lake Walleye Fishing
Walleye with Moons Guide Service
Potholes Reservoir Walleye and Perch
Banks Lake Gold
Cooler Full of Banks Lake Walleye
Guided Walleye Fishing Washington State
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